Medical Malpractice Failure to Diagnose

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Federal Tort Claims Act Against Federally Funded Health Clinic – Failure to Diagnose Kidney Disease

Substantial seven figure settlement in Federal Court under Federal Tort Claims Act against US Government for failing to diagnose curable kidney disease in a young married Lawrence County man who sought treatment at a Federally funded health clinic. As a result of the failure to diagnose, the young man sustained permanent kidney damage and required years of dialysis and then a kidney transplant and will be on anti-rejection medications for life, will likely require future transplants and has a significantly shortened life expectancy. The settlement has now allowed the patient to provide for his future medical care and for his young family’s future financial security due to his loss of wages and earning capacity.

Obstetrical Malpractice Verdict- Failure to Diagnose Fetal Distress – Birth Trauma/Cerebral Palsy

$1,862,000.00 judgment on jury verdict in a birth injury medical malpractice claim against Allegheny County hospital that failed to timely recognize fetal distress and take prompt action to deliver baby which resulted in a fetal hypoxia and cerebral palsy See news article (link) and verdict report (link). The verdict amount helped to fund a special needs trust for the minor child to care for his substantial medical and maintenance needs into the future.

Failure to Diagnose Compartment Syndrome – Below Knee Amputation

High six figure settlement in Fayette County for a woman who broke her leg then developed swelling in the muscle compartment (compartment syndrome) of the leg which went undiagnosed by the treating doctor and hospital staff. This resulted in severe and permanent nerve damage to the leg and required a therapeutic below knee amputation. The settlement helped to fund the woman’s future medical and maintenance needs, including modifications to her home to make it more accessible.

Failure to Diagnose Aortic Dissection – Wrongful Death

High six figure trial settlement in Fayette County for the family of a divorced mom with five children who died from an undiagnosed injury to the aorta (aortic dissection) that caused a rupture and death. The wrongful death settlement will help support the future needs of the decedent’s children.

Failure to Diagnose – Spinal Cord Injury – Cauda Equina Syndrome

High six figure settlement for an 80 year old Allegheny County woman who sustained an undiagnosed, spinal cord injury (cauda equina syndrome) and permanent paralysis from a hematoma (blood clot) on her spine following spine surgery. The settlement monies here will be used to help pay for the patient’s continuing maintenance needs including a modified van for transportation and modifications to make her home more accessible.

Radiology Injury – Failure to Diagnose Hip Infection – Permanent Hip Injury

Mid-six figure settlement for an Allegheny County man who was admitted to defendant hospital to undergo an x-ray of blood vessels in the hip (aorta-femoral arteriogram) and developed an infection of the hip that went undiagnosed and resulted in permanent injury to the hip joint. This settlement has helped the patient pay for continuing physical therapies.

Failure to Diagnose – Spinal Cord Injury – Cauda Equina Syndrome

Mid-six figure trial settlement for Beaver County man who sustained an undiagnosed spinal cord injury (cauda equina syndrome) and permanent weakness in his legs (paraparesis) from a herniated disc that was compressing his lower spinal cord. This settlement has helped establish a fund for the patient’s continuing medical and rehabilitative needs.

Failure to Diagnose – Fungal Infection of the Lungs – Wrongful Death

Mid-six figure settlement for the family of an 18 year old Westmoreland County woman where the doctors failed to diagnose and treat a fungal infection of the lungs (invasive aspergillosis) which resulted in death. The settlement helped establish a fund for the support of the decedent’s infant daughter.