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Pittsburgh Personal Injury Lawyer & Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorney

Are you recovering from a devastating injury? Could your injury have been prevented if a doctor, a driver or someone else had been more careful? Do you want to know why this has happened to you and what you can do to pursue justice?

I’m Mike George, a medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of standing up for people like you who are looking for answers and who need compensation for their injuries. Contact me at my offices in Pittsburgh to schedule a free initial consultation to learn how I can help you.

An Experienced and Dedicated Advocate

Medical errors, car accidents and other personal injuries can happen to anyone. I know how extremely devastating and disruptive these injuries can be. I started my law firm in order to help regular people get the compensation they deserve for their serious injuries.

I have been practicing law in Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. During that time, I have taken many cases to trial and gotten results for my clients. If you are going to get fair money damages for your injuries, you need an attorney with the experience and ability to take your case to trial.

Vigorously Pursuing the Results You Deserve

If you have suffered medical malpractice or any other sort of personal injury caused by someone’s negligence, you can rely on me to pursue the compensation to which you are entitled under Pennsylvania law. I will personally handle your case from beginning to end.