Medical Malpractice Anesthesia Errors

Pittsburgh Anestesia Malpractice Attorney

Anesthesia Malpractice Verdict – Informed Consent – Permanent Sciatic Nerve Injury

$1,493,486.65 judgment on verdict after appeal for a 47 year old Allegheny County man who sustained permanent sciatic nerve injury during regional anesthesia (nerve block) for knee surgery. See news article (link) and verdict report (link). A large part of the verdict was for lost past wages and loss of future earning capacity and will also help pay for the Plaintiffs future medical needs.

Medical Malpractice Settlement and Anesthesia Error – Failure to Protect Airway – Wrongful Death

High six figure trial settlement for the family of an Allegheny County young woman who died after experiencing vomiting after general anesthesia. The Defendant anesthesiologist failed to protect the patient’s airway and allowed emesis(digested food) to be aspirated (inhaled) into the patient’s lungs, causing respiratory failure and death.