Radiology Errors

Seeking Compensation for Radiology Errors

Have you undergone a medical scan, only to have a radiology error mislead doctors into failing to diagnose or misdiagnosing an illness, such as a misread mammogram? If so, you may be entitled to compensation under Pennsylvania law.

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Determining Whether Tests Were Read Properly and Communicated

Radiology is a powerful diagnostic tool, but only if it is used properly, in conjunction with professional standards. Radiology errors can lead to misdiagnosis of illnesses and delayed treatment.

Once you have an X-ray, CT scan or any other sort of imaging done on you, there is a basic expectation that it will be examined with professional care and the results will be communicated to the right person.

If a radiologist missed a mass or other warning sign of illness when reading an image that was done of you, or if he or she saw something but failed to communicate that fact to the attending position, you may be entitled to compensation for a radiology error.

I work with credible professionals to demonstrate the injuries my clients have suffered due to radiology errors, and I use my extensive experience as a trial attorney to pursue the full money damages to which they are entitled.

Ensuring That Hospitals Hire Qualified Radiologists

These days, many hospitals contract out with radiologists in other countries who are not certified by a U.S. credentialing board. These radiologists will read your X-rays or other images over the Internet.

Hospitals and medical groups are responsible for ensuring that they have appropriately educated and trained radiology staff. If you have been injured by a radiology error caused by failure to retain properly trained radiologists, I may be able to help you get compensation for hospital negligence. Don’t hesitate to contact me to get a skilled assessment of your case.