Nursing Home Negligence

Pittsburgh Nursing Home Lawsuit Attorney

When loved ones are in their golden years, it can be a difficult but necessary decision to place them in a nursing home after medical treatment or for long term care. However, placement is often necessary and you expect that the nursing home staff will treat your loved one with the same tender and attentive care that you would. Unfortunately, this is often not the case and many elderly nursing home residents are neglected. If your loved one has suffered a severe injury or has tragically passed away as a result of inadequate care received in a nursing home, I may be able to assist you. For a free initial consultationwith a skilled nursing home lawsuit lawyer, contact my Pennsylvania medical negligence law firm today.

Pursuing a Nursing Home Lawsuit

I am Michael C. George, and I have practiced law for more than twenty years. I understand the devastation many families face when they realize their loved one was not properly cared for in a nursing home facility, and I pursue catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims on their behalf. I am experienced in handling a wide variety of nursing home negligence related lawsuits, such as those involving:

  • Nursing home abuse
  • Daily needs not cared for, such as bathing or nutrition
  • Ignored resident, resulting in the individual falling or in a door being left unsupervised
  • Unmonitored and unnoticed bed sores resulting in further infection and possibly death
  • Other negligence due to the facility being overcrowded or understaffed

Experienced Nursing Home Lawsuit Trial Lawyer

Because nursing care facilities must aggressively defend their name and reputation, they use all means necessary to defend against nursing home negligence lawsuits. Therefore, it is important to work with a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer who is prepared to take the case to trial and to verdict. I have handled numerous medical malpractice lawsuits and know what is necessary to effectively pursue a successful nursing home lawsuit. I will help you evaluate your claim and determine how to best achieve justice for your misfortune.

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