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Pennsylvania Prescription Drug Mistake Attorney

Over the years, increased and improved research and technology has developed a medication to treat or reduce the symptoms of nearly any illness, infection, or disease. However, if not taken appropriately, these medications can be dangerous and even life threatening. If you have suffered an injury or have lost a loved one due to a healthcare professional’s negligence in administering medication, you deserve to be compensated and to pursue justice. For a free initial consultation with an experienced Pennsylvania prescription error attorney, contact me today.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney

I am a skilled medical malpractice trial lawyer who has been serving clients for more than twenty years. I recognize that while healthcare professionals are human, it is unfair that you pay for their mistakes. I pursue all possible avenues to obtain compensation for injured clients and their families. I call attention to any negligence of doctors, nurses, hospitals, or pharmacists, such as:

  • Giving the incorrect prescription due to misunderstanding
  • Giving the incorrect prescription due to illegible handwriting
  • Negligently prescribing, ordering, or giving the incorrect dosage or strength
  • Negligently prescribing medication that interacts with other medications
  • Prescribing a stronger dose than necessary
  • Adverse reactions or death from medical drugs such as Baxter’s heparin
  • Other negligent actions resulting in medication error

Pennsylvania Medication Error Representation

By working with the Law Office of Michael C. George, you can be certain that you will receive the personal attention that you need and deserve during this difficult time. I thoroughly understand medical conditions and can truly sympathize with my clients. I meticulously prepare each case to present it to the insurance companies and to the jury at trial. By practicing law in this way, I have earned many successful verdicts and referrals from previous clients.

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If you have suffered a drug interaction, a medication overdose, or other injury due to a medication error, contact my Pennsylvania medical malpractice Law Office. As a knowledgeable Pittsburgh medication error trial lawyer, I will give you the individualized and experienced representation you deserve in order to obtain the compensation you need.