Hospital & Nursing Errors

Holding Hospitals Accountable for Errors

Doctors are not the only source of medical negligence. In Pennsylvania, other medical professionals such as nurses, as well as hospitals and other medical institutions, must meet professional standards or face liability for medical malpractice if they injure patients by committing errors.

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Understanding Hospital Staffing and Its Consequences

Hospitals are complex institutions. Some of the people who work in hospitals — such as most nurses and technicians — are hospital employees. Others — including most doctors — have contracts to provide services at the hospital.

Hospitals are directly responsible for their employees’ negligent errors. They are also responsible for retaining competent doctors, supervising the quality of care provided, and providing appropriate medical equipment and supplies.

If you have been injured due to an error committed by a hospital or hospital employee, the hospital may be financially responsible for compensating you for your injuries. A knowledgeable attorney can help you pursue money damages.

Determining the Causes of Nursing Errors

Nursing is a particularly critical aspect of the medical profession. Nursing errors have the potential to cause punctures that can lead to infection, sepsis and death, as well as many other types of injuries. Nurses also have the opportunity to observe complications and changes in patients’ conditions and alert attending physicians.

Unfortunately, nursing is an understaffed profession, and many nurses are working long hours or are employed on a temporary and contingent basis. Also, in many hospitals, nurses are not put in a position where they are able to alert doctors to potential problems with patients.

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