Cervical Cancer

Medical Malpractice Attorney for Cervical Cancer Patients

Have you been diagnosed with cervical cancer? Did you start to show signs of the cancer earlier? Did your doctor fail to follow through on a diagnosis or tell you that you did not have cancer?

If so, you may be entitled to compensation. I’m Mike George, an experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyer who holds doctors accountable for failure to diagnose cervical cancer. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation at my offices in Pittsburgh.

Asking Why Your Doctor Did Not Diagnose You Earlier

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women in the United States. For that reason, medical and public health authorities recommend regular pap smears and other preventative and detection measures.

However, if you sought these preventative measures and your doctor failed to perform his or her part properly, you may be facing the often-serious consequences of late detection.

As with any other form of cancer, cervical cancer is better treated the earlier it is detected. A doctor who fails to detect an abnormality in a pap smear or otherwise fails to take reasonable steps to diagnose cervical cancer is doing a serious disservice and may be violating a professional standard of care.

If you are being given the runaround by your doctor about why your cervical cancer was not caught earlier, I can help you get answers.

Exploring the Link Between Cervical Cancer and HPV

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted disease that is a contributing factor to nearly every case of cervical cancer. If you were tested for HPV and your test was misread, or if your doctor failed to follow up on a positive test with reasonable measures to detect cervical cancer, you may be entitled to compensation.

Contact me to discuss your diagnosis and treatment history for HPV and cervical cancer and determine whether you have a valid medical malpractice claim for failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis or treatment failure.